About Realstone

Realstone Corporation is the daughter company of Mount Moriah Ltd. Both provide natural stone solutions for clients wishing to create a unique and timeless atmosphere in their home, or workplace.

Realstone has three offices. (USA - Sales & Marketing, Israel - Home Office and China - Sourcing & Quality Control.) We specialize in classical, dimensional exterior work, however, we aren't limited to only this. We can produce any type of style and our approach to projects is through dedication and hard-work. We like to have our clients involved, as it's a very interactive process. Communication is very important, which is why our style is very personal, detailed and comfortable. It's all about going the extra mile. Our bidding process is very detailed, accurate and our prices are very aggressive. Also, our clients get a personal touch, as if it was our own house being built. At Realstone, we strive to create the most detailed, custom work that we can produce.

Realstone working with stone for over 15 years and has vast engineering and technical experience, as well as a natural bond with the earth, its elements and the natural beauty it produces. This natural affinity for stone means he can provide guidance and direction before offering the most appropriate, practical and affordable option for your project.